Busy Bee Facial

Amidst our long work hours, stressful lives, poor eating habits and the ever-changing weather, our skin can take a bit of a beating. Stress, unhealthy foods, and a lack of skin care are all known contributors to acne. Acne not only affects teenagers going through puberty, but it can affect anyone with hormonal imbalances

Some may choose to ignore blemishes, others cover them up with makeup, and others choose to seek out chemical treatments from dermatologists. Whichever route you follow, consider using a natural, healthy method of keeping your skin clean, healthy and glowing.

One of the simplest ways to keep your skin clean is to use natural ingredients. Honey is, by far, one of the most effective methods of removing skin blemishes, and keeping your skin healthy and glowing. Honey is great for you skin because it has antibacterial properties. Bees use it to keep their hives free of bacteria. When it makes contact with your skin, it begins working against bacteria that have made your pores their home and protecting against more bacteria binding on your skin.

Take 5 minutes out of your day every few weeks to make the following facial cleanser:


1 tablespoon of honey (local and raw if possible)

3 teaspoons of baking soda

I recommend using local raw honey instead of regular processed honey. Local honey has anti-allergens in it that the local bees produce. Local honey also supports local bees and beekeepers. Raw honey is also more beneficial than processed honey because it has all of its natural properties that make it anti-bacterial. Some of these properties are destroyed when honey is processed.


This recipe makes enough for 1-2 uses. Mix larger quantities of the ingredients together, while keeping the ratio, to have enough for multiple uses. I make up six batches of the recipe. Used once a day, it lasts about 3-4 weeks. It keeps well at room temperature. Mix the ingredients and store them a sealable, reusable container. Every night after you remove your makeup, or during your shower, take a small quantity of the mixture into your hands, and massage it onto your face. Rinse with warm water and pat dry.

This honey cleanser is a gentle cleaner and works for any type of skin.

It leaves your skin moisturized and your pores clean. Best things about it: it’s cheap, easy to make, it is healthy for you and it works!

Hayat Abu-Ghazaleh

Hayat Abu-Ghazaleh

After several personal struggles as a child and teenager, culminating in issues with my self-image and self-judgement, I sought out mindfulness, natural living and meditation. My struggles with acne as a teenager lead me to natural skincare products that I made myself. My struggles with self-judgement and self-acceptance lead me to seeking self-love through mindfulness.

Currently, I am an American University Senior and a BA in Psychology candidate. Natural skin, hair and beauty care, as well as helping myself and others find their full potential, are my passions.

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