Letting Go and Receiving – 48 Minutes

Debbie Norris

Debbie Norris

Deborah Norris, Ph.D. is author of In the Flow: Bridging the Science and Practice of Mindfulness, and Editor-in-Chief of MindBodyJournal.com. Dr. Norris is Founder of The Mindfulness Center™, based in Washington, D.C. She is Psychologist-in-Residence and Director of the Psychobiology of Healing Program at American University, and past professor at Georgetown University Medical School. Renowned for her online meditation teacher programs, The Science of Mindful Awareness (SOMA), Dr. Norris is an internationally recognized speaker and educator on mindfulness, yoga, and integrative mind-body therapies. A health scientist with over 40 years of experience ranging from traditional medical and psychotherapeutic practices to integrative therapies and lifestyle practices, she teaches and conducts research in mindfulness, behavioral medicine and other holistic approaches to happiness and well-being.

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  1. October 25, 2016 @ 1:53 pm vstickler10

    I was so relaxed during this meditation. In fact I felt a sense of relaxation that was between contentment and falling asleep. I felt very connected and really felt the flow. I agree that when we let go we can begin to receive. I tell clients to have an open mind and open heart but this meditation really puts that into practice.

    • July 10, 2017 @ 10:38 pm lbsipe

      I feel very open and ready to receive what life has to offer after listening to this meditation. Dr. Norris’s calming way brought me into a mindful state. I felt my chest open wide after we breathed into our tense area 8 times. I liked the connection between “inspire” and “inspiration..” I do feel light, vibrant, and a peaceful energy throughout my whole body.

    • July 24, 2017 @ 11:21 pm lbsipe

      This was my 2nd experience with Letting Go and Receiving. I felt many sensations in my body during this guided meditation. I felt the cool air on my feet and hands, my heart was open and my feet were tingly. Towards the end of the practice I felt a strong energy flow out of my hands. This meditation brought a sense of balance and peace into my mind and body after a stressful day.

  2. November 2, 2016 @ 9:24 pm DrEAm

    It is a wonderful place/ state of mind to be given the permission to let go. As well as being reminded to receive. There’s a sense of awareness and insight. Breathing Out/ letting go and Breathing in/receiving. There was a sense of…. Clearing out clutter ( monkey brain) to make room for the new(being gentle with self being in the moment). Namaste.

  3. November 28, 2016 @ 6:35 pm amypearl

    During the meditation I kept falling asleep but was listening to the mediation. My body is relaxed and the tension has left my shoulders. My mind is in the moment and I want to rest. My heart rate is down and I feel at peace. I feel sleepy. During the meditation I kept falling asleep but was listening to the mediation. My body is relaxed and the tension has left my shoulders. My mind is in the moment and I want to rest. My heart rate is down and I feel at peace. The words let go was a huge cue for me to release my tension and sink into the supporting structure beneath me. I kept repeating this phase over and over in my head. As I exhaled I practice letting go to negative emotions and inhale positive energy. This helped my mind reset.

  4. November 28, 2016 @ 7:13 pm amypearl

    I feel relaxed and centered. My body feels less tense. A sense of peace and calm is over me.
    I had to work a little more during this longer meditations. About half way through I start to become more centered. My thoughts drifted in and out of my mind. I would refocus on my meditation by listening to the teachers voice. I would let go of the tension my jaw and shoulders. When the teacher would cue us to let go, I would state this over and over in my mind as I exhaled. Letting go allowed for my mind to receive more positive energy.

  5. November 28, 2016 @ 7:13 pm lcverdi

    I always enjoy the inward and body guidance. I am comforted by the truths Debbie leads in this meditation. I didn’t realize how much trust I experience when I listen to Debbie’s meditations. Really noticed it here. As if I am just an open vessel, taking in everything she said, with an open heart. One of my favorite experiences in life. Being guided about how the body responds to the mind, seems so powerful. Not my favorite word for a meditation but maybe…seems so effective. Strongly effective. Effective with abundance. Anything body oriented resonates with me so I loved this one. I always love speaking and thinking about opening to the creative space that’s created. To me, it’s that open space where all the jewels are. Resolution. Then speaking about being centered and grounded just solidifies my experience. This might have been my favorite meditation! Thank you, Debbie.

  6. November 28, 2016 @ 7:16 pm amypearl

    My body is relaxed and present. I can feel the weight of my limbs relaxing on my mat. Thoughts are going on but I am not eager to jump up and start in with completing tasks. Happiness is what I feel at this time. My mind was busy and quiet. My body is relaxed and present. I can feel the weight of my limbs relaxing on my mat. Thoughts are going on but I am not eager to jump up and start in with completing tasks. Happiness is what I feel at this time.

  7. December 1, 2016 @ 9:06 pm amypearl

    My body is heavy and relaxed. My limbs feel like they are melting into the mat. My mind was active when I first started the meditation but by the middle I was starting to drift in and out of consciousness. My emotions are happiness and contentment. As I practice this meditation more than once it has become easier to meditate for the longer time periods. I was able to let go of the thoughts that kept popping into my mind and started to relax into the meditation. I feel rested.

  8. December 17, 2016 @ 2:55 pm amypearl

    I practiced this meditation yesterday:

    As I laid there on the mat my body felt like it had surrendered to the moment. I have been battling a cold and sore throat so this letting go meditation was well needed. I was able to focus because I am physically tired. My thoughts were focused on the meditation and it was easy to stay in the moment. My emotions were settled and positive. I used this meditation to help allow my body to rest and repair. I was able to let go in the moment. Although I felt tired I still felt positive and accepted this meditation to the fullest.

  9. January 12, 2017 @ 5:34 pm Tanya

    Such a wonderful meditation that I’ll want to revisit. It felt like an educational meditation talk. ‘We experience everything inside our bodies’ is a truth I hadn’t considered, and it inspires me to become increasingly more mindful and less reactive in my daily life (goals!). The brain heals pain. Wow. So profound. Giving my brain permission to let go resulted in my body getting heavy with relaxation, tingly. It felt wonderful. Breathing in to receive, I felt energy, creativity flowing in. Felt alive. But the part about being the master of our brains, that what we practice we create felt exciting. It makes sense, like going to a gym, creating new neural pathways and changing our brains – feels hopeful, powerful, peaceful. Thank you.

  10. January 14, 2017 @ 2:43 pm Gunilla

    I will keep this meditation session as a Go-To. I felt so relaxed and almost fell asleep even sitting up. Opening the gates – breath flowing in and out and relax, it is a powerful tool in the practice.

  11. February 9, 2017 @ 5:30 pm Marselis15

    I felt peacefulness. I feel so relaxed and at ease; kinda surreal or floating in time. The sensations did not include a lot of awareness of body sensations because I was so relaxed. The momentum in my mind was like waves in the ocean. My heart is full of love for my children. I felt my heart beat slowly. My emotional state was one of gratitude knowing that I’m doing the right thing for me at his moment. My stomach was softly relaxed when I placed my hand on it. My mind was in present time awareness.
    Being able to be with my breath was significant , while letting go of everything else. Letting go of all of the hats that I wear. I found my mind to be still. Positive phrases included’ nothing to do but breathe’ and ‘ I made the decision to relax when I walked through the door. Janice Jones

  12. February 18, 2017 @ 10:57 pm Marselis15

    Letting Go and Receiving: I feel light, hopeful, relief , no worries,no past hurtful memories, and no discomforts. My brain was relaxed, as well as stomach. My mind’s momentum is steady and in the present moment. I have a memory thru this session where I felt as if my mind allowed me to let go all of the baggage that I carry around from childhood and it’s traumatic experiences. A significant phrase : ‘ we open the gates of the mind then let the senses come in ; we accept what arises.
    This meditation is key to what mindfulness is or how developing a practice can be beneficial in helping to regulate moods, thoughts, reactions, pain management, addictive behaviors and more. By being aware of the present and / our consciousness and allowing those sensations to permeate the
    brain/ mind.

  13. February 27, 2017 @ 4:18 pm margya

    It took me a little while longer than usual to settle in so my left brain loved the science lesson about the thalamic gates. So appreciated the reminder and repetition to give my body and myself permission to let go. Really the liked the focusing on the exhales first and noticed how they got longer and deeper. The thought that floated by was which comes first the inhale or the exhale, like the chicken and the egg. I found focusing not he exhale was very relaxing.

  14. March 1, 2017 @ 1:04 am Marselis15

    Letting Go- 2/27/17- Once again I was able to identify the shift in my body and mind as I allowed myself to relax. My body sensations informed me that I was feeling a sense loss due to a strained relationship between a couple of family members. Feeling as if I needed to no longer have certain expectations regarding them but to ‘ let it go’ so that there is a sense of peace for myself. I breathed deeply for 8 times and then – let it go’ ,Ahhhhhhh! Janice Jones

  15. March 1, 2017 @ 9:53 am margya

    Was so relaxed after 2/27 reflection that a number of typos. Ahhh, letting that go!
    Listened twice. Once last night as falling asleep which I did quickly as I focused on letting go of the day and then again this morning when I was refreshed and rested.
    Letting go with audible sighs a number of times, particularly felt it in the shoulders, not only shoulders relaxing down my back but also felt a lightness, a weight, a number of weights, lifting. Each time I focused on the exhale I felt an expansion, as though I was making room, cleaning clutter, letting go of old stuff. Did not feel overwhelmed as I chose to receive everything. A teacher once told me, Receive everything, decide later.

  16. March 4, 2017 @ 8:33 am Amy Balentine

    I feel more grounded and relaxed now. I also feel more spacious and open. Being open to any experience and sensation without naming or judging had the effect of dissolving my sense of self. I liked the invitation to receive everything that comes, the way we breathe in large breathes instead of only allowing a little air in at a time.

  17. March 4, 2017 @ 6:25 pm hmast1

    4 Mar 2017 – With this practice I felt as though my physical body truly did meld with the space around me. At times I couldn’t feel where my body ended and my chair began. I focused a lot on letting go of tension in my stomach area also and noticed a deep feeling of relief there by the end of the practice. I really liked the reference to experiencing the ebb and flow of not only breath but other cycles as well such as heart beat and thoughts. This is also a good practice for someone who needs a little extra help in focusing on what they do want instead of what they don’t.

  18. March 6, 2017 @ 10:02 am pjois

    Breath is such a powerful tool, and intention, just as much. enjoyed the relaxed session, was left with a feeling of lightness. it always amazes me as to how many different parts of the body we can actually “see” without really seeing, just by focusing on the breath and bringing our attention to various parts. Helps immensely in self healing.

  19. March 10, 2017 @ 12:50 am madoyle

    MMTT J#7: December 15, 2016
    This meditation was helpful in many ways. Debbie’s use of “The Sigh of Relief” was effective and I am able to still feel some of the effects of this aspect of the session. The IN/Spire and EX/spire phrases were right on the mark for the sense of opening the gates of consciousness to the body’s sensations and as I pause after the meditation I still feel very spacious in my heartspace. I let go of some tightness when Debbie asked whether our emotional pain lies outside the body or inside the body. My body tends to tighten along the back on my left side as my right torso is less able/somewhat disabled due to polio. So, my left middle back seems to always be the place that tightens first and it is a place that will tighten after breathwork if I do not return to breathe into it again and again. This was a cycle about which I became more aware as we practiced. Practicing the “Ahhh” sigh of exhale and relief helps even now as my habit of tightening my back in that one place appears again so soon after the session.

  20. March 10, 2017 @ 12:55 am madoyle

    MMTT J#8: December 18, 2016
    I returned to this meditation session again because I sensed there were parts of it that had escaped my awareness after I completed it the first time. I tried on my own to meditate with a “letting go and receiving” intention, and my mind interfered in a particular way. My mind was trying to remember some phrases Debbie had used when I had listened to her guided meditation and I couldn’t recall what the words or phrases were. So I came back to this meditation with her guidance. This second time I could practice the actual ‘Sigh of relief’ much more and remain aware of the letting go and receiving. I was able to stay with Debbie’s voice and not run ahead or grasp at words. My clothing was loose-fitting and airy; I was able to be aware of practicing peace; equanimity; and, ease. My back remained relaxed for most of the session and when I breathed into any tightness, the “Ahhhh” sigh helped a lot. I am practicing the “Ahhh” as I transition back from the session and my head, arms, legs, and belly are still quite relaxed and calm. My back feels straight but not tight.

  21. March 14, 2017 @ 8:32 am knighl

    Awesome! This meditation brought so much inspiration to me. I could really relate to the thoughts about having faith to let go, knowing that when I do, I will receive. That literally set my mood for the entire day. When Dr. Norris began talking about the sigh of relief, I instantly thought of how we often breathe the sigh of exasperation throughout a stressful day. There is so much freedom in experiencing the whole breath, the life breath, the breath of relief vs exasperation. This is my favorite meditation so far.

  22. March 17, 2017 @ 11:25 am LauriRandall@yahoo.com

     I feel incredibly light and my entire body is tingling with energy. So different from the heaviness and tiredness that I came in with this morning. There is a slight weight around my nasal sinuses.
    I began with heaviness and reflux sensations in my stomach that disappeared during the meditation. My mind is quiet and at peace. 
    At times, during this meditation, I found my face smiling of its own accord. I also felt a sensation of disassociation with my face, tingling in my body, connection with the flow of my breath/heartbeat
    and a strong feeling of connection with life/nature.
    Time passed rapidly during the meditation.
    I especially liked the suggestion to accept the flow of the meditation. Flowing with the changes in the breath and heartbeat.
    The gentle sigh of relief was powerful as I usually breathe through my nose. The sigh and it’s accompanying sound felt incredibly freeing.
    There was a connection with the idea that releasing the breath involves trust.
    Thank you!

  23. March 23, 2017 @ 4:22 pm Toni Needel

    Just finished listening to this meditation. ( Haven’t even done my journal yet). Loved it1 I feel great. Lovely session for me today. I remember that there was noise at the beginning & she was talking about noise. I thought that was fantastic. She talked about white noise. She invited us to let go again & again. I really enjoyed this part. This is when I started to totally relax. I needed that. Then she asked us “How we came to be?” It was easier to remember that part because I was very calm & relaxed.. She talked about breath & letting it ALL in .She talked about Ebb & flow. She talked about changing your brain by using what is already available to you.
    I feel energized. I loved this meditation

  24. March 27, 2017 @ 7:46 pm pjois

    i am completely relaxed. i wanted to try the letting go part, but nothing came to mind. So i stayed with the breath, receiving the sensations, the joy. i was just being in the moment, feeling content. gradually my attention moved from my breath to my mantra and i stayed with it until a little after the end.

  25. March 29, 2017 @ 12:18 pm shannonstutz

    M2 — I felt a lightness in my body upon completing this meditation. I used a supported yoga nidra body position and that allowed me to feel so supported and grounded, but also open with my heart opening to the sky. My head felt completely steady and even. My heart felt slow and calm.
    At points, I felt like an antenna – releasing and letting go of my energy and staying attuned to receive new life and sustenance through my breath.
    I recall the process of letting go of a particular area 8 times – being specific with myself helped me to feel the space I was creating.
    Again, I felt so open and relaxed. It makes me feel as though perhaps I was previously “strong arming” my mind (or trying hard to do so!) with meditation.
    Mantras I incorporated for myself were:
    Open, Let Go, Open, Receive
    Let Go and Receive the Breath

  26. April 1, 2017 @ 11:45 am Amy Balentine

    I liked the discussion about the sigh of relief that we long for. It is true that we enjoy that feeling of letting go, even though we are often so fearful of the vulnerability that comes with it. It takes courage to open up and allow ourselves to be a part of the flow. There is a real risk that comes with it and I wonder what helps us finally believe it is worth the risk.

  27. April 2, 2017 @ 5:52 pm sindyyogini1010

    I really like the content of this meditation as I learned a lot, but for me there was way too much talking and I had a hard time settling into a meditative state. This made me feel tight in my body and resistant to the present moment. I found myself craving silence. Following this meditation I sat in silence, using my mantra, for another 20 minutes as I felt I had not really had an effective meditation session.

  28. April 3, 2017 @ 9:59 am Stephlewis

    I really enjoyed this meditation and expect it will be one I do several times. I veered back and forth between a quiet and fully present mind to a mind wandering far afield. I really responded when Debbie invited us to open the gates. I felt immediate relief. When she invited us to focus on a particular part of the body for letting go I focused on my eyes, which often hold tension, and by the end of that part they felt lighter and actually watered up. I also liked the idea of letting go to fully receive the breath and fully expire, letting the senses in, actually letting everything in. A great point about how much we filter out. The discussion during the meditation of holding onto tension being a habit maybe established in our youth or even perhaps before birth was great context. And the encouragement to keep working on those characteristics we seek like equanimity through meditations like these and throughout our day is really appreciated.

  29. April 4, 2017 @ 10:52 am early.katherine@gmail.com

    I was so appreciative for the idea presented of the inhibitory function of the brain and our ability to disattenuate to information. I felt so grateful to my mind and for the ability to conscious attenuate to stimuli. My body felt heavy and yet my heart open through this meditation.

    Also, so encouraging to hear that mindfulness is considered an effective course of treatment for pain! This motivates me to want to get the message out. We waste so much money in health care spending for sleep disorders, chronic pain, digestive issues, etc. that could all be treated–or at the very least improved–by regular mindfulness practice!

  30. April 6, 2017 @ 6:27 pm Toni Needel

    second time for this meditation for me. very good. I feel very good. very calm. I like this meditation a lot. I am really able to “accept what is there”. I like how she guides us to trust our heart. Let it ALL in. I just love this meditation.

  31. April 9, 2017 @ 10:42 am shannonstutz

    M15 – I struggled to get comfortable today. I changed positions at least 5 times. Now I feel more relaxed and settled. Feeling my shoulder blades against my mat gave me comfort and suggested ease in my body. I noticed that in reclined fish my heart was racing more today, laying fully reclined on the floor felt more at ease. Today I focused on the letting go part a bit more. I don’t feel fully ready to receive, maybe because I am struggling to let go. I felt a sense of questioning – why does this have to be so hard? The answer is that it doesn’t have to be! I questioned why can’t it be a bit easier. The answer is it can be! There is comfort in acknowledging that.

  32. April 12, 2017 @ 11:01 pm Aliciaj80

    I feel soft, light, and calm after this meditation. I like when there are breaks to breathe on our own because too many words get distracting to me and I start to think about other things. I like permission to let go and the focus on the breath.

  33. April 16, 2017 @ 2:08 pm hmast1

    I feel hyper aware again of the spots in my body that are uncomfortable however I am also aware of my mind working as one with those areas to try to relieve the muscle tension around them. It’s producing an effect that in one moment I feel relief and in the next the pain returns. I will have to observe a little longer though to determine if the pain is any less in its intensity.

  34. April 18, 2017 @ 10:44 pm Aliciaj80

    I spent the day at the windy beach in Washington and came home and did this meditation. It felt good to let go and receive. To just melt into the breath flowing in and out and my body and mind relaxing and letting go. Thanks!

  35. April 19, 2017 @ 9:08 pm Stephlewis

    This is definitely one of my favorite meditations of the group. My mind was pretty quiet and I appreciated the message as much this time as I did the first time i listened to it. I particularly liked the invitation to release tension around the pain whether it be physical or emotional. I also appreciated the message to give yourself permission to let go and to receive as well as to be willing to accept experiences as they are. The sensation of letting go, feeling that which no longer serves me, move out or dissipate is always a nice one.

  36. April 23, 2017 @ 7:30 pm Aliciaj80

    I am learning more and more everyday to just let go. To not try to force but just to allow. I’m learning to let go of past patterns that have been stuck in my mind and I used to obsess over. It seems to more I let go the more I receive. I give my self permission to feel but also to release. I think meditation has been a tremendous help in this. Thanks!

  37. April 26, 2017 @ 11:21 am rbrudyk

    This meditation was one of the more relaxing meditations from Dr. Norris that I have listened to thus far. I especially liked the idea of the brain being an inhibitor to feeling the tactile sensations of the body. This inhibitor makes a type of white noise in order to drown out the here and now. Brilliant.

    I find all of her commentaries to be quite profound, but still, crave more time between each comment so I can practice the advice she is relaying. I also recognize that I may need to change my idea of what feelings I am expecting from her guided meditations and I should not compare her style to any other guided meditation practice. The whole idea of meditation is very subjective. I do feel more relaxed and find her voice to be very hypnotic.

    Brandon R.

  38. April 27, 2017 @ 10:54 am LauriRandall@yahoo.com

    I feel a sense of flow through my body and an awareness of openness where there was a sense of being blocked before the meditation this morning.
    During the practice today I sensed a greater understanding that the practice is not about finding answers but about learning to truly be with and accept what is with compassion and without judgement. I appreciate the lesson that it is important not to focus on what comes during meditation because this narrows instead of expands us. We simply let it come and go.
    I am currently dealing with stress around upcoming travel and became aware of feelings of blockage in my body. As I shed tears during this meditation, I felt the blockage lessen.
    Thank you!

  39. May 5, 2017 @ 6:54 pm Brad Reed

    I enjoyed this meditation. It actually allow me body to relax and let go to the point of a small nap. Allowing and feeling my muscles relax was wonderful and the breath permeated my body. I swill found Deb’s voice distracting but not as much as I was more in tune with my body. Simply observing sensations and relaxing the mind is something that is very common in my regular practice so to hear the experience vocalized was nice. Letting go of judgement of her guided practices is allowing my to sink into the experience more. I liked the end when she discussed that our brain can ‘map’ the experience of happy, relaxed, peaceful etc. I have an extensive back ground n science so I find that very interesting. So much so it’s hard not to pay attention to what she is saying! Observing my fatigue put my to sleep for a bit. it was a nice experience.

  40. May 12, 2017 @ 7:58 pm Luvabull81

    After listening to this meditation I feel totally relaxed. I did fall in and out of sleep. At one point during one of the silences I felt particularly centered and focused. I particularly cued into the concept of letting go of the body to relieve pain. Words and phrases that spoke to me were courage, faith and surrender for relief. Also by letting go we make room to receive. These were and phrases are powerful yet comforting and non threatening. “Relief is the sensation of the exhale” will be a note for me to use when I am tense – either through my breath or by using the sound “ahh”.

  41. June 8, 2017 @ 10:10 am early.katherine@gmail.com

    I enjoyed sensing my brain giving my body permission to just “let go”. It felt a release in multiple areas in my body that I didn’t even realize I was holding on. It felt so good to just say “ahhhhh” over and over again. I liked that she gave us permission to be “playful” with the letting go sensation. A part of me needs a reminder to play.

  42. June 8, 2017 @ 10:13 am early.katherine@gmail.com

    When I came to this meditation today, I was exhausted. I quickly let go of tension and drifted in and out of sleep. I woke up at the part of the meditation when she talks about the “ebb” and “flow” of sensation and experience. And how the wave moves through you, around you, to you and from you. It felt so cozy and safe. Opening yet also protective. The simultaneous experience of my large presence in space and smallness in the cosmos. I felt connected to all things and energized / in the flow.

  43. June 8, 2017 @ 10:17 am early.katherine@gmail.com

    I again fell asleep during the middle of the meditation. I awoke at the point in which she talked about cycles–sleep/wake, winter/summer, inhale/exhale. It helped me to just watch it come and go, not hold on to any cycle / season. I felt like I was developing an important muscle in my brain — neuroplasticity / flexibility / ability to shift structures in my brain. What a gift!

  44. June 13, 2017 @ 1:58 pm AngieMack

    Todays practice was a bit of a struggle. Although I really enjoyed the message, my mind had a hard time from not wandering off today. Physically I felt antsy today and was struggling with my positions and breath. Towards the end of the practice I was able to find more focus and breath easier. This made the end nice and calming, but I did not feel as clear today as other days. I may revisit this meditation because I did enjoy the message, however, I want to let is sink in more when I revisit it.

    I found that my mind was generally active throughout the practice.

    The most significant memory was towards the end when I was able to center my focus on my breath and not my thoughts as much. Letting go is very much a struggle for me and I am hoping in the future to be able to focus on letting go more as part of my practice. This is a major goal for me with mindfulness meditation practices. The phrase that was most significant is how letting go can help the mind and body re-center on sensations.

  45. July 12, 2017 @ 12:51 am knighl

    This Meditation reinforces how important it is to give sound to your feelings. I began to mimic the audible sighs Dr. Norris released and I instantly felt as if weights were lifted off of me. Giving a sound to the release felt freein to me.

  46. July 26, 2017 @ 2:27 pm sarah a

    As usual, I feel calm post meditation. I feel very connected to the here and now, noticing that I have a strong connection to my physicality, which is new to me. Usually I feel much lighter. Most notably, the feeling of my feet on the ground is signaling that I am present and open. This self-awareness somehow makes me feel a confidence in myself. Perhaps this is the confidence of simply being in the now and feeling that even when not seated.

    Opening up to the pain – recognizing tension in my body as a friendly reminder that I need to pay attention was amazing. Discomfort is the gift our body gives us so that we can turn towards it and understand it (paraphrase). Opening the gates to open to the experience – to receive vibrancy, lightness and creativity. Thank you for the guidance and empowering me to know myself better… so that I can empower others to do the same.

  47. July 30, 2017 @ 9:15 am Kathleen

    This meditation helped me wind down after an active and demanding day where I felt like I wasn’t in one location for longer than five minutes. This meditation brought me back to center and the present moment. I felt gravity pulling my body down towards the earth, reminding me to always remain present, no matter where I may find myself.

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