Allowing Everything Just as it Is-42+ Minutes

Recorded during a group meditation class at The Mindfulness Center.

Thank you for joining me!  In allowing our senses to open us to present moment awareness, we can explore the spontaneous unfolding of what is happening now.  I invite you to make yourself comfortable as you rest in now.


Aurora Hutchinson

Aurora Hutchinson

Aurora Hutchinson, M.A. is passionate about sharing the transformative power of mindfulness and meditation. As a certified Science of Mindful Awareness (SOMA) meditation teacher and wellness educator, she teaches group classes, workshops, conducts corporate seminars and works with private clients seeking to learn meditation for stress management, improved health, career and family support. As a PhD candidate in Psychology with training in neuroscience and pharmacology, Aurora has an understanding of the biological and psychological mechanisms underlying mind-body practices. This information provides students and clients a meaningful way to connect with the practice of meditation. Aurora is a certified Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Master Teacher and Jikiden Reiki Shoden practitioner. She is trained in Clinical Hypnosis through the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis (ASCH) and is an iRest Yoga Nidra Level 1 Teacher-in-Training. Aurora is a faculty member of the SOMA Meditation Teacher Training Program, and has served as the Mindfulness Programs Director at The Mindfulness Center in Bethesda, MD. She is committed to promoting and practicing evidence-based, best practices of self-care in hospitals, wellness centers, educational and corporate settings to empower and serve others.

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  1. February 7, 2016 @ 11:40 am commander2016

    Another deep, restful experience with this session…I find after a full week of guided mediation practice that I am increasingly aware of a slowing sensation of all body systems during my exercise. After getting comfortable and opening my mind to the words with closed eyes and still body, I can more readily begin to “melt” into what seems to be a state of decreased metabolism. Today, I found myself slumping forward from the shoulders and head at two points during the session, almost like a slowing sinking ship at the moment of rolling over on its side before slipping under the ocean surface. I am looking forward to the start of my own guided meditations very soon. Peace, all.

    • April 24, 2017 @ 5:53 pm

      I decided to do something different with this meditation and try listening to it as I did some filing of old notes. It was mindless work that I dread doing, so I wondered what it would be like to practice a meditation while doing the filing. As I was filing, I noticed thoughts that kept arising “You need to follow up with this person. You need to close this file. You should….etc, etc…” I practiced noticing the thoughts and then letting them move along like a ticker tape as Aurora suggested, not getting stuck on any thought. Typically I would mull over those thoughts and then feel guilty and stressed. Over and over I had to acknowledge and release the thought “Hurry up (with the filing). Get it done faster. I need to get this done.” This is a skill I really need to continue practicing so as not to fuse with my anxiety.

    • July 18, 2017 @ 11:13 pm lbsipe

      My entire body is feeling warm and tingly after this meditation. My heart feels wide open and I could feel it beating during this practice. At one point during the practice I could hear Aurora’s words, however; I may have been sleeping so I only remember certain things. It is comforting to know there is no right way to do this practice, and I appreciate hearing that it is ok to have our thoughts.

    • July 26, 2017 @ 5:12 pm lbsipe

      This was a much needed meditation after a stressful day! My breath was my anchor throughout this practice. I could feel the cool air flowing in and out of my nostrils, and my belly rising and falling. At one point my feet fell asleep, so I had to shake them to get the heaviness out. I tried to imagine all my cells smiling; this put a smile on my face! 🙂

  2. February 8, 2016 @ 2:56 pm David Chandler

    My muscles and blood feel like an ocean with waves moving and sloshing against the shore of my bones. I feel wide like the sea. My belly is soft and my breath continues to ebb and flow in rhythmic peacefulness. I still hear my heart beating in my chest and my ears while the blood courses through my veins. I saw the earth spinning below me as the vast planet was spinning at great speed while I expanding above it rose above the plains and forests. I visualized my breath expanding to the warmth of the sun, and reflections of the moon. I felt a connection to the fire of the distant stars, and then found myself moving inward to the deep place of a single cell and seeing it as a star connecting with the entire universe.

  3. February 12, 2016 @ 7:18 pm lcverdi

    Lovely, peaceful voice! My last night’s meditation. Kevin, my brother only made it through about 5 minutes and he was OUT! I am working him out like an animal while we are away however, so I let him sleep. Thank you for the peaceful moments and lingering calm while I dozed off. Beautiful, rich, and full. Namaste xo

  4. February 13, 2016 @ 10:29 am RichCella

    Very interesting, i enjoyed the flow of this meditation. It hit all of the important points, yet it was very consistent and organized, if that make sense. I was very in tune with all of the checking and re-checking in with the body that we were doing in this sit. I found this one very good at keeping or in some cases refocusing me! Excellent Stuff!

  5. February 13, 2016 @ 8:27 pm DrEAm

    I rested in the space. Becoming aware of the sound and the rhythm of my heart beat. It provided a music as well as influenced an involuntary dance. Letting go. Pulsating sensations and vibrational waves resting in the rhythm of my breath. Allowing everything to be. Right now. Namaste.

  6. February 21, 2016 @ 2:58 pm CarrieV

    This meditation brought me into a deep state of relaxation while simultaneously heightening my sense of awareness. This heightened awareness stayed with me as I came out of the meditation and proceeded with the day. I was really tuned into simple, mundane experiences like drinking water and blowing my nose… experiences I would have otherwise barely even felt. I tried something a little different with this meditation and, out of sheer curiosity, decided to play a track of theta waves lightly in the background to see how it influenced my experience. For me, it was very powerful. The deep, resonant, droning sounds in the background lulled me into deeper states of relaxation and peace.

  7. March 8, 2016 @ 3:24 pm commander2016

    Today’s session marked the second time through for Aurora’s “Just as it Is” and it was effective yet again, but for different reasons. As I am becoming more and more mindful of excellent practice and practices, going back to familiar sessions affords me a chance to delve deeper into the spirit of “guidance” rather than what the words are asking on the surface. My breath, body, and mind were able to settle into a flow more quickly in this practice today, and the repetition of remembered prompts seemed to soften the experience.

  8. June 5, 2016 @ 11:09 am kirstenmiller

    This is my second time experiencing this meditation. As the pace of this meditation was a bit challenging for me the first time, I found it quite comforting to just rest and wait and be this time. Noticing, allowing spaciousness. I loved the ambulance/sirens coming and going, such a potent reminder of how we must allow our thoughts, symptoms and experiences to come…and go, without developing attachments and judgements. I plan on going back to this one again.

  9. October 27, 2016 @ 10:41 am vstickler10

    This is the first one that I did in the morning in my office while no one was around. It was very peaceful. I liked the comparison to the breath being like the waves of the ocean. This meditation made me a bit sleepy (which is good) but also refreshed at the same time. I am ready to go on with my day meeting with parents of kids and not feeling so tense. I feel a sense of ease that if issues arise today I will handle them with a more clear mind and light heart. Thank you for this wonderful session.

  10. January 5, 2017 @ 2:48 pm Tanya

    This was a relaxing meditation, so relaxing that I had to allow my thoughts and sleepiness just as they were. Found it helpful to say to myself ‘thinking’ and then move back to ‘breathing.’ No big deal, just accept it. The first half I laid down, the second half I sat, finding it easier to stay awake sitting. Again, allowing myself to move as I needed (so nice not to beat myself up over it). Loved laying my hand on my heart. Felt so grateful for my beating heart, of being alive, for the breath that was going in and out of my body beneath my hand. It was easy just to be. Now is all that is real. The spaciousness is so comforting. I don’t have to drown in what’s going on, because there’s so much space around everything. Thank you.

  11. January 14, 2017 @ 2:55 pm Gunilla

    ‘ just as it is’ is what our every day s are. If noise, if interruptions, if things we feel we have to do. But we do not really. In this meditation I felt a level of comfort just allowing deep breathing and come back to a relaxed stage – ignoring the noise. Understanding deep breathing’s impact on your body and mind is key.

  12. January 24, 2017 @ 4:58 pm Moira

    I really enjoyed this meditation – I loved the suggestions around the wave like feeling of the breath – it helped relax deeper and also liked being invited to place my hand on my belly at one point to feel my deep breathing and then later on my heart – it really helped me feel open and allowed for the letting go of some sadness as well as some tension in my lower back.

  13. February 9, 2017 @ 4:40 pm margya

    I love Aurora’s voice: her tone and tempo are both so soothing. I started this wondering if I had 42.38 minutes between appts, sitting at my desk, not in my usual position of comfort and definitely not present. Aurora’s voice is like the ebb and flow of the water she references in the beginning – steady and soothing. It didn’t take long for my breathing to deepen, to stop thinking about the past and the future and to simply watch my energy follow where her voice guided my attention.

  14. February 11, 2017 @ 7:27 pm Marselis15

    Allowing everything as it is. Very relaxing audio, I had a connection with my heart. My heart was soft and loving(sensations) as if I could feel the same throughout my body. My mind’s momentum was carefree and had a sense of lightness. Initially, I had body sensations of tightness in my stomach. But eventually I felt relaxed as I was aware of my breath. Emotional states: peaceful and forgiving. My mind was busier than usual. I had the ability to feel my heart smile and to include the rest of my body. Significant phrase ‘ place your heart and feel what is there.

  15. February 13, 2017 @ 4:46 pm Marselis15

    I’m feeling light; my mind was busy and heavy going into the meditation. It is about 8:30am and I awoke with some negative thoughts. I was very aware of the ‘ monkey mind’.
    The thoughts were not what I wanted ; not my baseline. So I needed this meditation session in order to check- in and do some self discovery. The theme to my thoughts were based on fear of not being good enough. Fear of what if I’m not successful in the future. Maybe someone will steal my idea(don’t believe everything the your mind tells you). I rested in my thoughts and began to be aware to the sounds and sensations of my breath and as the negative thoughts began to lessen, I began to allow them to simply ( without judgement) float away
    InItially, was able to become aware of negative thoughts. I felt tension in my belly. I allowed my awareness to share this space. I began to notice a shift as my negative thoughts and no longer needed much awareness because the began to shrink as my breath became deeper and my belly soften. The momentum of my mind was up and down; like a battle. Busier than usual. This meditation is a go to when I’m facing negative/ difficult emotions because I allow myself to pause and make the shift from past to the present moment. What a gift to me..Janice Jones

  16. March 6, 2017 @ 11:15 am pjois

    the pace is just right to focus and relax every part of the body. I was aware of a gentle flow of energy with a warm feeling at the specific points of focus. Felt a chill in my leg and focussed on the area visualizing a warmth spreading. In an instant, the chill was gone and i was back to following the recording.
    I was barely aware of the movement of the breath or my heartbeat, they were so smooth and soft.

  17. March 6, 2017 @ 10:50 pm Amy Balentine

    I realized as I did the meditation that i say no to many moments. This is a helpful practice for me to with my day, no matter how it is going. I enjoyed the imagery of the smile in my hear6t.

  18. March 10, 2017 @ 3:09 pm madoyle

    MMTT J Entry Jan.5, 2017
    The imagery of the waves rising and falling, cresting and flowing, slow down my mind and I can feel my awareness connect with my body. Thoughts arose during the meditation and continue to arise even as I open up from that very restful place. Just as my eyes widen to take in more of the room, the space around my fingers and arms feels very dynamic. Aurora’s invitation to move my awareness around my body makes me aware of both a heaviness in my arms and legs and a lightness around my softened belly. My hand resting on my heart during part of this session felt so comforting. I place my hand there again as I check in with my body, my thoughts, with all the sights and sounds that surround me. This is comforting to me. I want to continue to place awareness on the being and not take up the ‘doing’ that awaits my attention just around the corner.

  19. March 10, 2017 @ 3:18 pm madoyle

    MMTT J; January 7, 2017
    I came back to this meditation session after a very emotional and rough day. I needed to move my awareness to the ‘now’ and remembered Aurora’s guidance ‘to be here now, only now. Not past; not future.’ Moving my hand to my heart brought me close to heaviness. I had to breathe into my heart and still I am breathing into my heart. Thoughts arose during the meditation and are arising now that weigh on me and I am practicing what Aurora says is ‘letting go of the story.’ This time I followed Aurora’s guidance on my back, lying on the quilt I use to make my practice space. I followed her lead to turn to my side and support myself with my left arm in order to sit up again and open my eyes. I am holding on to Aurora’s expression to ‘understand that this is the experience of being me.’ There is a lot going on in the experience of being me, but at the center is the breath and I am placing my awareness there.

  20. March 10, 2017 @ 4:09 pm madoyle

    MMTT JE; Jan. 22, 2017
    I returned to this meditation trusting that Aurora’s guidance would help calm my mind. My body resisted dropping into the wave-like energy of awareness for quite a while. This time Aurora’s use of the “Ahhh” sigh of relief helped viscerally. I retell myself what Aurora says at the start of sessions: ‘Just by your decision to walk through the door you have demonstrated your intention to allow everything just as it is.’ My body got to a point where my arms and shoulders felt loose and heavy and my back is not tightening against this relaxation as I transition out of the session. I am still making use of the “ahhhh’ sigh of relief and my awareness is helping in that practice.

  21. March 14, 2017 @ 7:49 am hmast1

    This practice was a little difficult for me in the beginning due to not being able to find comfort physically. I was having trouble focusing on my breath and the guidance but eventually the benefits of a regular practice took over! As I moved to focus on the heart, my body seemed to move with my mind and allow it to be just as it is and the physical discomfort melted away. I appreciated the reference to experiencing “quiet eyes” as it reflects my yoga practices and having “still eyes” to encourage a still mind and experience those moments.

  22. March 24, 2017 @ 1:37 pm

    I feel sleepy and relaxed. My stomach is talking to me and telling me that it is very hungry. I notice that my breath is coming much easier and much more deeply than before the practice today as I am meditating later in the day after work.
    I enjoyed the way Aurora left quiet space between phrases allowing me to really sink into the experience. I also enjoyed the way she used inviting but non-demanding invitations to notice various areas of the practice.
    The phrase “This may be the deepest breath you have taken all day.” was very true for me today. I actually found it a bit difficult to expand my belly and chest at the beginning of the meditation.
    I loved the visual “Notice your thoughts like clouds floating by” . Very peaceful.
    Thanks so much Aurora!

  23. March 25, 2017 @ 10:30 am knighl

    This Meditation was very calming. It made getting to the present moment very easy. I really appreciated the insight about the sensations you could feel when becoming more aware and coming into the present moment. The present moment can be an enigma when you are a beginning medita to or someone who is interested in learning how to meditate. It is truly just simply “being” and allowing yourself to explore the sights and sounds within the environment you find yourself currently in as well as the awareness of YOU…. lovely way to start this e day!

  24. March 28, 2017 @ 4:47 pm Toni Needel

    I loved her voice as well. This was a lovely experience for me. I remember first her guiding us to relax our eyes! I wear glasses & my eyes are quite often tired. I really liked that. She went through the body parts one by one with plenty of time for us to get settled. I remember her saying that we had mad a “decision to meet yourself”. I wanted maybe a bit more time to think about that & I found that my mind had wondered a bit. By the time I “woke up” and was back with the group she was talking about checking in with yourself. What is your body saying. A fire engine passed by and then she led us to feel our hearts. My heart was very concerned as it frequently is when I hear that sound. I am always frightened, sad, etc. lots of things come up for me when I hear that sound so I like how she lead us through that. It was a very nice session for me

  25. March 29, 2017 @ 9:02 pm hmast1

    I’m not sure if I noticed this the first time I visited this guidance, but today it seemed important to hear, “in mindfulness we don’t have to empty our minds, just be with our thoughts”. After just finishing my practice, I feel that I’m in a very quiet and reflective place and it’s nice to stay in that place where my thoughts can just be with no other expectations.

  26. March 31, 2017 @ 4:30 pm pjois

    my body relaxed early into the session. as i listened to the words, my attention simply followed the guidance, pausing at different parts of the body and being aware of them. thoughts lazily came by. i say that because the thoughts didn’t disturb or distract me, they just seemed to be drifting away with no intention. i began to focus particularly on the space between the thoughts – on the stillness, that deep, quiet, stillness. it led me deeper into the practice and left me feeling wonderful.

  27. April 4, 2017 @ 8:44 am Stephlewis

    Interesting time to listen to this Just As It Is meditation. Soon after I got started the roofers arrived and starting tearing up the roof. I am rather proud of myself that I stayed focused on the meditation amidst the noise. I had some mind wanderings but was able to as Aurora put it, rest in the sound. Like that line as well as the concept of following the vibrational waves as they travel through the body. I noticed before doing this meditation this morning that I am really starting to pay more attention to the tension in my body and that even when I think I’m relaxed I can loosen my grip even more. I really appreciated the reminder that with mindfulness we don’t have to chase our thoughts away we can just be with them and just watch them go by. We don’t have to do, we can just be. I think one of the analogies was the ticker tape on the bottom of the tv screen. That was pretty effective.

  28. April 6, 2017 @ 8:56 am sindyyogini1010

    I really loved this meditation. I found myself going into a deep state of relaxation. Deeper than I usually go. I found the voice and words very soothing. I liked the amount of space between her words and silence. I feel very open physically and aware mentally.

  29. April 8, 2017 @ 9:54 am Tammy Neighbors

    This mediation was really good. I liked the eyes floating in water, it really helped me relax them. Feeling my heart beat with my hand seemed to complete the whole experience. I found the meditation as a whole to be a very deep relaxation. I feel calm and renewed.

  30. April 9, 2017 @ 2:40 pm Toni Needel

    Second time on this meditation for me. I really like the experience that I had. I am very peaceful. she was very good at guiding me into a relaxed yet awake state of mind. I liked the body awareness parts. Had a LONG day at work yesterday and was very aware of many different parts of my body talking to me. What was body saying to me? Oh Boy! Once again I liked how she said that there was no right or wrong way to do it. I liked how she said to feel a smile in every cell in your body. Lovely meditation session for me today.

  31. April 10, 2017 @ 3:35 pm

    This is my second time doing this meditation and found it harder to stay engaged for some reason. When I got to the part where she had us check-in with our body and listen to what it was telling us, I noticed my body longing to sleep, rest, have time to myself. Any time I slow down long enough to connect with my body, it seems to be always aching for sleep. After I noticed my exhaustion, I then immediately had a voice saying, “Oh, but it’s not possible for me to rest. I have a full-time job, 3 little boys, and I’m taking this course, and…and…and…” Even if I quit my job and just stayed home to take care of my boys, I still would not have any more time for sleep. I felt like I was letting my body down by not giving it what it wanted: sleep. I have found the shorter meditations (in the 20 min. range) to be better for me. I am able to stay focused and then carry the calm, or baseline, into the rest of my daily activities. I have wondered if I should force myself to do more of the longer meditations because that would build more capacity to focus or if I should just accept this season of life that I am in and enjoy the short meditations. Any other parents have thoughts?

  32. April 12, 2017 @ 6:07 pm sindyyogini1010

    This meditation is extremely soothing. I go very deeply into a relaxed state and feel like my heart slows down. I’m on the verge of sleep but still present. It’s a lovely mix of talking and of silence. And I love the talking about space.

  33. April 21, 2017 @ 7:17 am Stephlewis

    A very relaxing meditation. My body was at ease and in some respect Aurora’s voice was floating in the background. I like the idea of greeting myself. It’s like an ongoing invite to make friends with yourself, an invitation for self compassion. And then focusing in on how your body is feeling – an invite to really get to know yourself. Good way to start the day!

  34. April 23, 2017 @ 4:40 pm Toni Needel

    I had a very good meditation session today. I really needed this one. I had a very stressful weekend at work and I was very wound up. Her voice just relaxes me. I hit on the parts about “untangling” right away & simply opening up to the experience. I just allowed myself to BE. To be open to all of my senses. Open them wide. I needed to let go of the weekend so when she talked about “now with no old stories” I was ready for it because I was relaxed & calm.I was breathing. Like she said “you don’t have to try anything. You don’t have to do anything , just be here & breath. So I did. & it felt good and I felt much better. Thank you

  35. April 30, 2017 @ 6:35 pm hmast1

    This was a very quiet practice for me today. My back and belly in particular feel much calmer now. One thing I noticed during this practice were the thoughts that did come up seemed to center around food being fuel for my body. That’s a slightly strange thing to come up for me but I’ve learned that it must be something I need to pay more attention too if it comes up during a practice.

  36. May 17, 2017 @ 10:11 am

    My mind was very bust today because I just returned from a long trip and have a lot to catch up on. Still my body feels more relaxed than before the practice, my heart is quieter and my stomach feels more at rest. Though my mind was busier than usual but I felt able to accept the business with little judgment.
    I enjoyed the idea of my eyes floating in water and the sense that there is no wrong way to do this practice – especially today when my mind was so active throughout.
    Thank you!

  37. June 1, 2017 @ 3:04 pm Brad Reed

    I enjoyed this meditation quite a bit. The analogy of the break in the clouds was especially interesting as when I decided to do this meditation I was lying on my porch with my eyes open staring at the sky. It really instilled the idea of using the body in the senses to feel present and to be in the present. It’s important to tune into something that is always present like sensations, sounds or anything that is transient in nature as it shows us the nature of being which is impermanence and presence. Very interesting meditation all around and my body felt quite relaxed after.

  38. June 13, 2017 @ 2:48 pm AngieMack

    Today’s practice was very good. The space I created finally felt like I was falling into place with it and once I sat down, I felt my body relax. Physically I felt everything was in place and light, where it should be. The voice was very comforting and smooth today (except for the occasional horn noises). My mind was very busy, but I was able to recognize each thought and let it go peacefully without focusing on a single thought for too long. Once I started letting go of each thought, I was able to be more clear and connected to each sensation my body that my thoughts brought and then peacefully open up and release each part of my body.

    I found that my mind was sometimes busy and sometimes clear and quiet. The most significant memory was when I had a thought that I started to focus on, but was able to re-direct it to how I felt in my body when I thought of it and then let it go.

    The phrases I liked the most and helped a lot with this practice was when it was stated that you do not need an empty mind of thoughts and they can be there and you can just watch them or witness them as they arise.

  39. June 15, 2017 @ 3:03 pm Kathleen

    This is the first time since starting MTTO that I tried a meditation longer than 20 minutes and it proved to me an interesting and insightful challenge. The overall experience was very beautiful, and I appreciated the way this meditation guided me in releasing the weight of my body and tension in my muscles. It made me aware of how much tension I hold in the muscles in my face, and I returned several times to them throughout the meditation to release them. This has encouraged me to become more conscious of the unexpected areas I hold tension and to slowly work on introducing ease. Also significant to me was this meditation’s ability to help me accept sensations I usually find unpleasant. For instance, I am a chronically cold person. But, during this meditation, the chill I felt in my arms transition from what is usually an uncomfortable sensation to a gentle tingling.

  40. July 24, 2017 @ 10:34 am Kathleen

    I used this meditation after a morning yoga practice to deepen my experience during savasana. It allowed me to listen to all the areas of my body that opened and changed throughout the yoga practice. I felt a new and clean energy move throughout my body and settle down into my joints.

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